We are currently sharing some elements of our story with our closest friends and those we trust the most.  The reactions have been uniformly and overwhelmingly positive.  Here are just a few.

“holy s%^&#^*()#*()@*)&%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Way to go”

“Blimey.  Just blimey.”


Jaw dropping to ground *

“You’re shining!”

“You really deserve this!”

“I am so happy for you!”

“Live every day like you’ll die tomorrow, and think every day that you’ll live forever.  Carpe diem!”

“Wow!  This is better than a movie!  I am ecstatic for you!”

Upon being shown a photograph of Nook, a “friend” retorts: “Do you have one with her dog?”

“Her dog?” I ask.

“Yes, she’s obviously blind.”

(Nook is beautiful, truly beautiful.  I am far far from it.   Far.  His implication was clear, she would have to be without sight to wind up with me.)

“Wow!  But she’s really pretty!”

Another friend, also revealing shock that one as wonderful as Nook could wind up with Chair.


“It’s like a movie lovestory”

"Awesome story.  So happy for you both, brightend up my week to hear your story - who says everything on teh interwebs is bad! :) "

“Wow!  Biiiiiiiiiig congratulations! It's like a Nicholas Sparks novel “


“I’m in tears now I’m so happy for you.  *hug*”

“yay!  the troll got the girl!”

“What a great story!”

“Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I am happy with you.”

“What a wonderful adventure! It reads like a page-turner-gone-love-poem.”

Hands to mouth* “It’s like a fairy tale!!!”

“What part of Russia is she from?” - no, Nook is NOT a Russian Bride (or spy for that matter (well, I hope not))

“Incredibly inspiring!!”

“Mazel tov!”

“Wow, you guys need to make a book about this!”

“Your story has touched me very deeply.”

“What an amazing story!”

“I read the whole story.  It’s beautiful!”

“Holy crap!  What a story!”

“Please keep writing the story!”

“[it] brought me to tears several times.”

“Your tale had me stuck to the computer and

literally gave me a lump in my throat.”

“Man, what a page turner.”

“What a truly great love story.”

“Please update the site!  I want to read more!”

“Wow.  Really.  Wow.”

“I have work to do!  But I can’t stop reading!  You’re making me late for meetings!”

“You.  Are.  Killing.  Me.  With.  Suspense.”