Not sharing. It goes without saying that there are many aspects to the story of Nook and Chair which aren’t really for public sharing.  We’ve talked about this, and it’s important the story not turn tawdry - but focus on the amazing sequence of events which had to take place for this story to come about.

Having said that, I will say this: that day in the suite, Nook and I did not spend our entire time talking about the weather.

But that day, those moments we spent together, were always meant to mean more than a fleeting affair, and that was something that we were both very clear on from the onset.

We talked for hours and hours.  At one point Nook got up to the hotel window and looked outside and pointed out various landmarks.  She was familiar with the city, knew the buildings and roads well, and she was proud to point out some of the things which had meaning to her during her years there.

She pointed things out whilst kneeling backwards on a chair (...) and I stood behind her.

When she finished, she turned around and started walking to the sofa again.

I took her hand.

“Nook”... I said.


“I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Oh are you?”

“Yes.  Is that okay?”

“Yes.  That’s okay.”

And we did.