11. Scheduling

Playing the waiting game. The time had arrived for Nook and I to schedule our meeting.  Was it truly our first meeting?  It seemed otherwise.  We’d known each other over a decade, and by this point had spent several hours on the phone together, not to mention the copious amounts of email back and forth.

But, yes, indeed, it would be the first time we’d see each other’s smile, live, real-time, right there in front of us.  It was intoxicating, but also somewhat nerve-wracking, to ponder.

Scheduling this first meeting was proving complicated.

Nook is a hard worker.  Too hard.  She has two jobs and often works in excess of 60 hours per week.  That takes its toll on a person, but it also makes it difficult to find free time.

We had decided that for our meeting to mean anything, that it would be best if it wasn’t just for an hour between jobs, and, if possible, for several hours in a row.  We had a lot to talk about, potentially, and wanted the possibility of more time.

This meant she’d have to schedule things with both of her employers.  I’m rather lucky in that my job permits me to do much of my work from pretty much anywhere on the planet.  As I travel a lot for my job anyway, not being in the office for a few days is not unusual and poses no great problem to my work.

But for Nook it was different.  She had to find a way to take time off from at least one, but preferably both, employers.  One additional catch here is that one of her jobs requires a month’s advance notice for any scheduled time off.

As it was now the very end of January, it was essentially impossible that we’d get an opportunity to have that time off during the month of February.

This meant waiting.  A month.

Thankfully, it was a (marginally) shorter month, and the time passed relatively quickly.   We set a time in March, and I booked my flight and found a good hotel to stay at.  We hadn’t yet sorted out the exact logistics of that initial meeting, but, we had a date in mind.

The future was approaching.