17. Hello


I opened the door to Nook.

“Hi” she said, with a big smile.

“Hi.  Wow.  Please, come in...”

It was her.  Really her.  Just her.  With two cups of coffee, as promised.

The first few minutes are a blur now.  I remember everything I was feeling, and much of what I was thinking, but I can barely remember the words that I was able to get out.  It was a bit like that feeling of being in a lucid dream - when you know what is happening is “you” doing it, but also not “you”...

Nook was truly gorgeous - her smile melted me instantly.  Her eyes.  The way she moved.  Everything.  I really was over the moon that she showed up...that’s a huge understatement.

We sat down upon the sofa in the hotel suite, me in one corner, she in the other.  We kept our respectable distances.  We talked, and laughed, and smiled, and slowly started letting the reality of all of this sink in.

Those first few moments were overwhelming.  I was still so worried she’d change her mind, leave suddenly, and that would be that.  I was careful about what I said, what we talked about.  No pressure, no pushing, just sharing some stories, learning how to talk to each other when we could finally see the look in the eyes, the smiles, the other nonverbal queues that helped us communicate.

There was a fair bit of small talk as we got our bearings.

But that passed over time.  We slowly started talking about us, about the meeting, about our lives and filling in blanks on stories and events and moments we promised to share once we could do so face to face.

This went on for hours.  Just the two of us.  Silence in the room otherwise; we talked and laughed and shared and became comfortable.   Like everything with our relationship, things went from slow motion to fast forward just like that.  We found our comfort zone very quickly.  It was, well, natural.

Looking back, I wonder if I was nervous, and I think the only answer to that is no - whilst I was concerned about whether or not Nook would show up, I was not, for a moment, actually nervous in her presence.

I’m not going to describe everything that we talked about and shared that day, but I will say this, at the end of the day she promised me she’d come back the next morning, and we’d continue our time together.  This wasn’t just the one day, this wasn’t just a fleeting moment...it was, truly, a beginning.