5. Differences

Connect the dots 

When the things your partner hates most about themselves are the things you love the most - you know it is meant to be.

And such is the case with myself and Nook....

After Nook found me again, and we started to re-connect, she shared with me a picture of something she had recently purchased.  In the same frame was part of Nook - and it happened to display a few freckles.

I asked her if my eyes deceived me, or did I see dots.

Her response: “Yes I have lots of freckles.  Yuck.”

Wrong answer.  I had no choice but to correct her here.

My reply:  “!!!!!  YUM!!!!!  Not yuck.  YUM.  Super, mega, uber, hyper YUM.”

She also said: “Not my favourite feature.”

Again, my reply:  “GAH!  Take it back!  Unsay it!  Untype it!”

The point here is simple.

We all have things which we do not like about ourselves.  Whether they be physical attributes, part of our history, or something else which is not possible nor easy to change.  If we are truly lucky in life, we just might find someone whose attraction to those very same things is just as great, if not greater, than our own displeasure.