25. The Answer


We all know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words...so, here:



As you’ll recall from the SMS chapter, Nook has just informed me that she has made her decision, but the curse of highly delayed SMS messages being sent from country to country created a most horribly timed awkward pause.  As I would attempt to reply, she would be on to the next line, and vice versa.

At this moment I have just crested that roller coaster referred to previously - she has made her decision.  She tells me she loves me.  And now she says she wants me.  Because of these horrible delays, I can do nothing other than wonder if the other shoe is about to drop.  I do not want to get ahead of myself in joyous rapture, I want to make sure I am understanding things correctly.

As a person, I try to be as clear as I can in my communication.  Written and verbal.  It frustrates me when I feel that I am not clear - and yet, now, at this precise moment, I was both needing the utmost clarity that I could ever desire, and trying to communicate with it just the same.

So it was indeed with joyous rapture that I read Nook’s next two lines in SMS:



No words can accurately describe how I felt at that precise moment in time.  Nook made up her mind ... and much to my (everlasting) surprise, it was in “our” favour.

I can not imagine the turmoil Nook must have gone through to reach this decision, and despite the fact that she had done so, and I believed with finality, I also knew that one must not count chickens before they are hatched - but we’ll return to that point in a moment.

The next few minutes on the plane were impossibly frustrating.  We were at the gate, but they were having trouble getting the jetway to match up to the plane.  I was doing my best to communicate with Nook in real time, but that was proving difficult.  I wanted to call, to talk, but, being on the plane crowded with people, well, let’s just say this was not a conversation I wanted to have in that situation.

The next few SMS messages show part of my reaction, but, also our mutual frustration over the poor quality of the AT&T network (more on that in a moment as well):



If Nook and I were going to indeed make a go of “us” - we knew there were going to be some extremely rough times ahead.  We needed to be ready for that.  Without giving any spoilers, it is safe to say that the next few weeks were trying, extremely trying.