50. Shopping Trip

Here, or there? Nook and I had a difficult decision to make, and we needed to be in the same place, at the same time, to talk through the options.  That decision:  Where do we get married?

With the trip to Australia and new life on the horizon, there was a powerfully attractive option there.  I scouted out a number of locations, talked to my future boss about various cities / areas which would be appropriate, and even wrote to a few restaurants to ask about holding ceremonies on their premises.  The idea had an almost dream-like quality to it.

The other option was to get married in .. Las Vegas .. yes, you read that right.  Vegas.  Home of the Elvis wedding and drive-through chapels.

You see, that is where Nook's parents lived.  They moved there for the weather and had made it their home.

Nook is extremely important to her parents.  And they mean a huge amount to her.  There was simply no way for us to get married without her parents present.

This meant that either we'd do so right there where they lived, or, we'd find a way to fly them down to Australia after we moved.  Not, perhaps, the most cost effective option, but it was a realistic one and one that Nook and I would consider carefully.

In the end, this decision making process came down to something mildly serendipitous, but also somewhat stacked as an approach.

Once I arrived in Las Vegas, Nook and I decided to walk over to the Caesar's Forum  and see what rings Tiffany had in stock.  As you already know, Tiffany is our chosen jeweller, so we thought we'd give them first shot at wedding rings.  We decided that IF Tiffany had the rings we wanted, in stock and in our size, that we'd try to make this happen, during this trip.

Now, I know what you're thinking - what are the odds that Tiffany won't have rings in every conceivable size and style in their Vegas location?  It's the wedding capital of Earth, right?  So, yes, as I say, somewhat of a stacked approach with respect to making up our mind about the location of our wedding.

But this was huge.  And I don't mean commitment wise, I mean financially.  With all that was going on with boxing up life and moving to the other side of the planet, I quite simply had not budgeted for Tiffany rings at this point of the process.  Nook and I looked at two options:

  1. Same "Novo" style as her engagement ring for her
  2. Plain platinum (but matching) bands

Either way, I was going to go with a plain platinum band - neither one of us is into yellow gold.

The staff at Tiffany were very polite, very friendly.  I am sure they get thousands of people through there every week looking to do the same thing that we were doing, but they still made us feel like we were special.  We shared some of our story with them, and they were really touched by it.  Not 50% discount touched, but, touched nonetheless.

As you'd imagine, the Novo option was a lot more expensive.  It would mean a half-band of diamonds (Nook said she didn't want a full circle of diamonds for her wedding ring, as it would always mean half of them would be hidden on the inside of her hand anyway), but the platinum band would be something identical and matching for us both.

We found out the costs (gulp) and went outside of the shop to talk about the options.

We wandered up to the ATM machine.

I bled my accounts as dry as I could; with the daily spending limit hitting me due to the home-time-zone of my bank account.  I avoided credit cards, so, we were at our max.

We went back inside Tiffany with our decision in mind:

IF Nook could get Tiffany Credit for a very small amount (about 3/4 of the cost of my band) then we'd go with the Novo wedding ring and the platinum band for me.  If she couldn't, we'd go with double platinum bands.

Tense moments as they worked out the credit system and score and options.

Phonecalls made.

We chatted to each other nervously...


Bands chosen.

Put together in a box (which we still have, of course).

Here they are, taken back at the hotel: