44. Gall


It’s been a few weeks since we have updated the site, and for that, our apologies.  As we get closer to “real time” and all that has been happening the last couple of months, you’ll understand why it’s been difficult to find the time for updates.

However, I did want to take this opportunity to share a story that happened recently - only a few short weeks ago.

As you’ll recall, Nook said goodbye to an old relationship before she was able to say hello to a new one.  That wasn’t an easy process, and as would be expected, emotions ran high for some time.

Now, what we did not discuss much of was the “halo effect” that this sort of change can have upon friendship circles.  Think about it - there are no doubt people who are within your friendship circles simply because of who they are either related to, dating or married to.  If it wasn’t for that link, well, the connection into the circle would be tenuous at best.

When Nook closed the previous chapter of her relationship life, there were, naturally, some friendships which were going to be affected.  The circles closed, relationships changed, and allegiances shifted.

Despite her wanting to stay in touch with people who had grown to mean something to her over the years, actually doing so was going to prove much more of a challenge.  Many of the people whom Nook considered her closest friends have all but dropped off the face of the Earth during the last few months.

Indeed, the last she heard from one particular person was in September 2010.  Then, nothing.

Until March of 2011.

Nook received an email which, to me, demonstrated true unmitigated gall, extreme pettiness and the poorest of taste.

It was from one of those (now) ex-friends who was asking Nook to pay back expenses that her to-be-inlaws had incurred in preparation for the long since cancelled wedding.

We’re not talking much money here, either, truly a small amount.  A few booking fees, that’s it.

But to reach out, a year after everything was done and dusted -- well, there’s no word for it short of disgusting.

This ex-friend said that they would be a conduit to those who wanted remuneration, and that she (Nook) could start making payments as soon as possible.

This email came out of nowhere, and shows just how insensitive people can be.

Needless to say, it bothered Nook.  It bothered me as well.

She didn’t, and won’t, reply.

Door:  Closed.