41. Now

This could very well be the place.  

Nook and I approached the spot that was in the back of my mind.  I still wasn’t sure if this was going to be where I would propose to her, but, I did have my eyes open and senses working overtime looking around, judging the light, the noise, the presence of others.

The location in question was a bridge over a small canal.  The bridge was moderately steep, covered in bricks, and provided a nice view to the houses in the area and the canal itself.

Well, I say “canal” but really I mean “canals” as the bridge was at a nexus of several.

In fact, I say “several” but really I mean “seven” -- bridges that is.  In a row.  As you looked up and down the canal(s) you could see the series of bridges behind us and in front of us.

Plus, that location was also at the intersection of not one but TWO canals, meaning that in addition to the bridge we were standing upon, there were two others immediately nearby.

My mind was racing.

I was looking around the canals, the road, the pavement.  I was eying the people walking around, the noise around us, the brightness, the cars approaching, everything.

My heart was pounding.  I knew what this moment could be, and even though Nook and I had discussed that once I asked the answer would likely be in the affirmative, I also knew that you really never know what will happen until it happens, and it could happen very differently than either one of us anticipated.

Plus there was that whole “Novembery” thing...it was July, a long way off from November!

Was it too soon?  If I asked, would she say in classic 8-ball fashion: “Reply hazy, try again later?”

So I continued to look around.  I chatted with Nook a bit about the location, explained about the multiple bridges all in a row, and that it was a well known local landmark for that reason.   There was even a hotel by that name just across from where we were standing.

All the while another thought process in my head was trying to decide if this was the moment, the place, or not.


Making it easier.

As we stood on the edge of the bridge, Nook decided she wanted to get her camera out and take some pictures.  From the other side of the road from where we were standing.

She got her camera out of her purse and started walking.

Her back was to me.

She walked to the other side of the road and started taking pictures.

My moment presented itself.

Nook had, without realising it, made it easier than ever for me to make up my mind about the time and place when I would ask for her hand in marriage.

It was now, and it was here.

As she took a photo or two, I reached into my backpack and took out the Little Black Box with Sparkly contained within and stuck it in my pocket.

I walked across the road to join Nook, my backpack in my hand rather than over my shoulder.

As I reached her, I stood to her left.  I dropped my backpack to the ground behind her.



“It’s Novembery.”

“What?  What do you mean?”

Then I dropped to one knee.

I reached inside of my pocket, and I looked up into her eyes.

I said what my heart wanted me to say (and that stays between Nook and Chair) and opened the Little Black Box.

Now it was Nook’s turn to speak.