They say that everyone has at least one great story inside of them, waiting to get out.  This is our story.

I’m Chair.  She’s Nook.

And this is the story of how we first encountered one another; at a time when neither of us were ready for what we each had to offer...but still somehow managed to touch each other deeply.

And how a decade of life, of experiences, of relationships all took place, until one day, when Nook reached out and idly wondered...whatever happened to Chair.

A story of romance, travel, time, patience and a story which is still unfolding.I’ve been keeping as good of record as is possible, and over time will share what is possible.

If you are new to the site, we suggest you start by going through each of the links at the top of the page in order, starting with the “About Nook” link and working your way through.Each chapter is numbered, and it’s best to go through things in order.Remember to check back from time to time, as new chapters are added every few days and we expand existing chapters with greater details!

It’s important to note, this isn’t just another Internet Romance, nor will this site become some tawdry Internet based Harlequin-style novel - the reason we created the site was because as we started telling our good friends and family about our story, we were universally greeted with support and words of encouragement to do so; we have lost track of how many people have called our story “inspirational” and as such sharing it seemed like the right thing to do.

There is a lot more to the story that we have yet to update on the website.  In fact, we’re currently working on turning our story into a book.  If you’re in publishing, drop us a not, we'd love to hear from you.

There haven't been as many posts the last few months as we'd have liked, but there's a really good reason for that, and eventually you'll come to those reasons as the story is updated.

If you want to follow the story on Twitter, you can, @nookandchair is there!